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Hosting & Domains

Company Web Hosting in Bloomingdale, ILWebsites continue to evolve, and servers launched 10 years ago are no longer adequate to deliver the performance and capabilities available to Web designers today.  Even more critically, search engines evaluate your Website on numerous factors including speed, usability, security, and content.  Your Website is competing globally for search ranking and online relevance.  The last thing your business needs is a Web hosting company asleep at the wheel.

Chicago Managed IT approaches web optimization in tiers:

  1. Stabilize hosting
  2. Configure proper server resources and bandwidth
  3. Secure your site with an SSL certificate
  4. Utilize a content delivery network for faster and lower server-load hosting
  5. Block many common attacks aimed at taking your site down before they even happen

Chicago Managed IT has deployed countless servers and hosts websites from various diverse industries.  We also have dedicated, virtual, and shared servers for hosting your websites. We can host your PHP, .NET, or HTML websites and web applications.