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Server Management

Servers are the backbone of business today, and when they go down, it can seem catastrophic and operations can grind to a halt.  We maintain stock of Enterprise-level servers for just an occasion, and we regularly help clients move to virtual and cloud-based servers for greater durability and uptime.

We monitor and manage physical and virtual servers ensuring our customers have peace of mind that their critical systems and information is protected and available when they need it.

Need to move data from an old server? Upgrade your equipment or migrate to the cloud today!

Chicago Managed IT ensures your server infrastructure is reliable and always protected. We offer:

  • Server Migration – Move data between servers or move your server to the cloud
  • Remote Server Access – Reach your server from anywhere, not just from your office
  • Dedicated Servers – Reduce Downtime and Boost Security
  • Physical to Virtual Conversions – You may no longer need that clunky and loud server; upgrade to a virtual server
  • Cloud Hosting  Never worry about hardware failures. If a server is down, you can utilize another one.
  • Server Provider Alternative – Leave GoDaddy, HostGator, or Bluehost and join Chicago Managed IT!
  • Server Upgrades – We’ll recommend and supply the correct product
  • QuickBooks Server – Virtualize your server so more people can access QuickBooks from any location
  • WordPress Hosting – Let us host your WordPress sites for a lower cost and better performance

Server Emergency?

You may have hit this page because you’re in the midst of a server emergency and not a current Chicago Managed IT client—not to worry; we’ve seen it all and our expert technicians will provide the products and support to get your systems back online so you can resume normal operations.  Even brand-new clients.  Give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.